Which companies own which movie franchises

^^The reason you will never have the crossovers you want^^


Fuck you man I want a Sherlock Holmes/Final Destination crossover.

Spider-man is never going to be an Avenger.

Flaming Nic Cage in Smurfland. The Movie. I’m sensing a box office hit. 

They’re making Toy Story 4

The fuck, guys. I mean seriously. You had a perfect ending. You made half the world’s population cry. And now you’ve decided ‘who needs a perfect ending when we can have MOAR SEQUELS RAWR!!1!

If this movie isn’t as good as or better than TS3, I’m going to buy a gun and track some people down. Namely the guy who went ‘you know what we need? MOAR SEQUELS RAWR!!1!

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